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"Hear the gentle whispers of your heart."


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Debbie Kaiman Tillinghast began writing as she embarked on a quest to reconnect with her island roots, starting with a cookbook for her family. She has also been published in Country magazine, and her poetry has been featured in five anthologies published by the Association of Rhode Island Authors: Shoreline, Under the 13th Star, Selections, Past, Present, and Future, and Hope.

Debbie, a retired teacher and Nutrition Educator, now enjoys volunteering as well as writing, gardening, walking and spending time with her children and grandchildren.

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A Dream Worth Keeping

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Also available at Stillwater Books.

A Dream Worth Keeping

The most meaningful journeys encompass more than the distance we travel...

When Martha files for divorce from her controlling and dismissive husband, Tony, she knows she'll have to begin again. Tony persuaded her to abandon her dreams of chocolate and pastry fame, and to break a promise to her grandmother, to follow him and his dreams.

Martha's heart pulls her back to her hometown in seaside Maine, to Gram, and to the bakery where Gram is still waiting for her to return. But before she can go home, Martha must learn who she really is, and her journey of discovery leads her south—from Baltimore and Tony's betrayal, to the Gulf Coast of Florida and the friends she'd made in culinary school, when her dreams had felt within her reach.

When she eventually returns to Baltimore, life offers her another chance at love. But Martha can't believe in love again until she first believes in herself.

A Dream Worth Keeping is a story of friendship and loss, guilt and forgiveness. It takes readers on a journey of love and redemption—and reminds us that we can't love anyone else until we love ourselves.

The Ferry Home

Step back in time to a simpler life as you read this captivating memoir of growing up in the 1950s on the small island of Prudence along the New England coast.

A story of reconnecting to long-forgotten childhood bonds and memories, Debbie Kaiman Tillinghast’s The Ferry Home embraces joyful moments with humor and more troubling emotions with compassion.

If you have ever faced emotional challenges within your family or had a sibling relationship with both squabbles and shared mischief, if you have found peace in one memorable place, or if you have ever longed for any of these, then this book is for you.

Experience the rhythm of life on Prudence Island, the ebb and flow of changing tides and seasons, and the patterns and relationships that emerge. It is a place where independence is fostered, but friends are always there when needed.

As Debbie’s vivid accounts unfold, you will feel like you too have just stepped off the ferry and been embraced by the tiny Prudence Island community.

The Ferry Home is also available in these Rhode Island stores:

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Debbie's work features in these anthologies from The Association of Rhode Island Authors.

Available for purchase from Amazon:

Hope, 2020
Past, Present, and Future, 2019
Selections, 2018
Under the 13th Star, 2017
Shoreline, 2016

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  • December 2020: new release: A Dream Worth Keeping

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